Costs of mediation

Standard rates

Fees per party Length of session
£320 Half day
£600 Full day (9-5)
£100 Additional per hour

All fees are exclusive of VAT which will be applied at the prevailing rate.

Most mediation will be conducted using video conferencing.

Fees do not include travel or accommodation expenses.  In the event that a face-to-face mediation is required, we will agree the mediator’s expenses in advance and expenses will be split equally between all disputing parties.

All fees are payable in advance.  Additional hours will be invoiced within 48 hours of a mediation meeting and are payable on receipt of the invoice.

The Civil Mediation Council Fixed Fee Scheme

We have signed up to the Civil Mediation Council fixed fee scheme.

This is suitable for cases in which a financial settlement under the value of £50,000 is sought. In cases which fall outside of the remit of the fixed rate scheme, or when there are complex issues our standard rates will apply.

The fixed-rate fees are set out below.

The Scheme will not be appropriate in all cases and we reserve the right to decide whether we feel it is appropriate in cases which involve complex issues in addition to just money. The presumption is that all mediation will be done by telephone/video.

Details of fees for the Scheme
Amount being claimed Fees per party Length of session
£5,000 or less* £75 I hour – telephone/video mediation only
£5,000 or less* £125 2 hours – telephone/video mediation
£5,000 to £15,000* £320 3 hours
£15,000 to £50,000 £445 4 hours

*Please note that if you have a dispute of less than £10,000 you should also consider the possibility of using the mediation service provided by the court which is free once you have issued a claim. However, a court fee will be required to do this.