Preventing disputes


The ways in which individuals approach any given situation will depend on many factors including their past experiences,  expectations, needs and desires, and inherent personality.  When these factors are not understood by those around us, or when we don’t understand the perspectives of others, the potential for disputes arises.

Good relationships help prevent disagreements from getting out of hand and becoming disputes.  When people have invested in their co-workers or neighbours they are more likely to seek ways to avoid problems from escalating.

Healthy relationships are founded on good communication, empathy and understanding.   To be empathetic and communicate well, first, we need to understand and manage ourselves.  We can then move on to manage our relationships with those around us.

Our services


  • individual MBTI assessment and feedback.
  • individual coaching through our coach associates.

Relationship management

  • Team MBTI assessment and workshops
  • Communication styles workshops
  • Team building workshops
  • Team goal setting and planning
  • Staff enagement programmes
  • Mediation